Wednesday, April 22, 2009

stina persson = love

i have been in love with stina persson (well, her illustrations,) for over two years now. she is definitely my favorite illustrator, along with egon schiele (who is actually a painter, but i kind of place him as a very very early illustrator). i almost had some sort of an internship with her company... almost....i had an employee of hers on the phone... last summer and i can't believe i couldn't really pursue it because of the rate of living in NYC. bummer. here is some of her stuff though, and i really hope i can start using some new methods to try and figure out how she does her stuff.

things i like about her work: fluid but in control, planned but seemingly not, saturated colors, dots, drips, use of negative space, embracing of the watercolor feel - not trying to hide the medium, and so many other things. you da bomb dot com, stina.

and i will leave you with a song. i probably listened to this album seven times in a row yesterday while working in the studio for over 12 hours.. still not tired of them. erlend oye for ya, good stuff.

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