Friday, December 18, 2009

editorial: the rest of fall semester!

well, this is not going to be a short post! i'll start with the most recent things, and go back in time. this image below was a spread illustration for an article about The Dark Web, an operating system which uses known terrorism linked websites and branches off of those websites to find other links to more obscure terrorism websites. in order to come to this solution, I actually went out and bought an old PC monitor and smashed it in the parking lot, office space style, to find the computer motherboard to do the drawing. totally fun, and it was really worth it to see how the chip is supposed to look.

these two images below were for our villains project. we were to choose two villains to depict, one from 19th century literature or before, and one from contemporary film. i chose hades and his three-headed dog, cerberus, and the white witch from the chronicles of narnia films with her pack of wolves that did her bidding. it became more about the familiars of the villains, clearly, but i really loved the freedom i got to have with this assignment and how i used a plastic space instead of putting them in a real space.

this image below is probably my most unsettling piece i did this semester. i was to come up with ways of depicting "love hurts". my idea was to show a woman's love for diamonds and her blindness to the effect her love was having on african citizens (blood diamonds). i had a lot of versions of this and i revised it a few times for my final crit. here's what i had at the end.

and finally, the project i had right after the celebrity portrait illustration was this book review assignment. we were given a short summary of the book, called the gargoyle. it is the story of a porn director, who was high on cocaine and drove his car off a cliff. in order to save his life, his skin was completely replaced by skin of other dead bodies. here is my book review illustration i came up with.

all in all, i think i had a really great and successful semester in editorial illustration. i am definitely going to try and keep it up and freelance illustrate for any articles whenever i can.

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